Thank you @leonkarssen :)))

dusty decks, im in spain.and met a follower!!!
hes a cool dude

massre asked: Send me some grip slices and I'll love you forever


Anonymous asked: Hey man! Love your work, it's so sick haha.. Just wondering how you get it to properly stick to your grip? I've made one of my own work and stuck it on.. Went for a skate and 15mins later it just flys off :(

its paint on griptape. and if you mean the grip slices, youre not supposed to stick them on your grip… you have to cut it out on your grip and place it…..

send me your paint markers


if they are useful i will send grip art in return.

sewercaps asked: you should start to sell big sheets of grip, that would be really good

i already do, people just need to approach me about it. ive sold a full sheet before.




Thanks leonkarssen !!