edd-wolf asked: are you ever gonna start selling stickers? Your art is so sick!

thanks, stickerpack coming soon

Anonymous asked: How quick do you ship out?

depends, normally in less then a week.


Pieces of cut out griptape for your skateboard.
There are 4 kinds of grip slices you can order.

1. The pizza: This is where the idea came from and the name. you can choose between all kinds of pizzas on the side when you order it.
From hawaii to kwawaii, from fuck scooters to butts and even mixed meat and weed! (size around 12 cm tall)

2. The die-cut pizza: Basically has the same options as the original pizza, but it’s slightly bigger and has more around it then just the classic triangle shape.
This is for the once who like a bit of a challenge when cutting out the griptape.

3. The slice of life: Here is where I paint whatever animal or what could have lived or did live on the grip slice. You will be the one saying what animal you want. You can send me an e-mail or you can leave a note at the paypal check out that says what life form you want. (size around 12 cm tall)

4. The surprise slice: Here is where you let my mind onto the grip slice. You wont know what you get. could be a cool pattern, a cat, a toilet or maybe an asshole inhaling roller blades. 

Each grip slice order comes with a sticker and a card with some art.
I ship worldwide and the shipping is included with the price.
It will be shipped in envelopes without track and trace.
I will not be held responsible if it gets lost in the mail. (not that it has happened though)


Anonymous asked: hey dude just wondering what size posca markers you're using to outline drawings for your grip art (5m-medium or 8k-chisel) seeing your grips has inspired me to cop some markers and draw on my own

pc-3m and pc-5m


A slice of life i made the other day. #gripslices#gripart

butt pizza

quartzcrystalline asked: Your art is super duper cool. Well done


my board


Care package from @leonkarssen

I love it

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